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Doom Punks: Children of the Apocalypse

With all the talk of the apocalypse and the coming of the zombie hordes…..I found myself reading the book of Revelations and thinking oft of how the world would end. And from the Christian view point its awesome. Listening to Sepultura Chaos A.D. , Zao, Black Sabbath the Ozzy years, Metalica. I was always a Goth or so it was said. I began Romanticizing the Apocalypse. The Coming of the Four Horsemen to destroy evil on the earth, the second Coming of The Christ, Raised Catholic I was familiar to the Dark imagery  of Gothic Cathedrals, Gargoyles, Medieval Gothic dress. Always, wondering how to fit it into a modern context. Then Type-O-Negative hit me and Goth Metal was it for me.  I began writing poetry in High school and college funny thing is there was always music playing in my head while I was writing. I was not until I met Nate Hoffman that the music I heard in my head could be realized.  Nate and I conspired and started a Side project together and we turned the music that went with my poetry into what you hear on the Once Were Serpents Album…

Richard Anthony Drakke

Richard Anthony Drakke of Once Were Serpents 
with Simon and Sheri of Dark Valentine
Corner stone 2012

Leper and Richard Anthony Drakke 
Cornerstone 2012.

AudioFeed  2013